Corner Co-op Staff
Our highly experienced and dedicated core staff consists of a teacher-director, Rosie Kamal, Ed.D., teachers Sue Shenkman, M.S., Alex Vaillancourt, M.S., and Beth Mahar, B.Arch., and a teacher-consultant, Sajed Kamal, Ed.D.In addition, parents alternate to assist in the classroom in the mornings. We also have a number of student teachers and volunteers throughout the year. Our daily adult to child ratio is 1:5.

Rosie Kamal, Teacher-Director, has a B.A. in Psychology, Northeastern University; EdM. in Foundations in Education, Boston University; EdD. in Humanistic Studies, Boston University.  Rosie has special interests in music and songmaking, recycling, and natural science. This will be Rosie’s 39th year at the Co-op, and her 37th year as Teacher-Director.  Rosie and Sajed’s son Ashok (40), lives and works in San Diego, attended the Co-op as well.



Sajed 2012Sajed Kamal, Teacher-Consultant, has a B.S. in Economics, Northeastern University; EdM. in Curriculum and Instruction, Northeastern University; EdD. in Humanistic Studies, Boston University.  He coordinates parent and staff education workshops. Sajed is also an award-winning poet, artist, translator, psychotherapist, renewable energy expert, author of a dozen books, and an Adjunct Lecturer in the Sustainable International Development program at Brandeis University. In 2007 he was awarded Boston “Mayor’s First Annual Green Award for Community Leadership in Energy and Climate Protection”, and in 2008 a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.  “The Greener Issue” of The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine on September 28, 2008, featured him as one of the “Six local heroes whose work is having rippling effects—at home and far away—in making the world a better place.”  This is Sajed’s 38th year at the Co-op, the first 3 years as a parent.

Sue-2012Sue Shenkman, Teacher, has a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreational Services, University of Connecticut; Masters in the Management of Human Services, Heller School, Brandeis University; Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Boston Language Institute.  She spent the summer of 2012 teaching English in China and teaches English conversation after school.  She likes traveling and talking about alternative education.  She enjoys helping the children create their own stories and perform them.  This is her 21st year at the Co-op.  The first three years as a parent and her 18th year as a teacher.  She and her husband, Marc (former parent helper) have a 24 year old son Eli who attended the Co-op for 3 years and was home schooled in Jamaica Plain for 6 years and graduated from Sudbury Valley School, Framingham.

Alex Vaillancourt, Teacher, has an M.S. in Early Childhood Education and a B.S. in Human Development, both from Wheelock College. She taught English in Japan and loves learning new languages. She’s a writer, a photographer, and a tattoo enthusiast. She shares her home with her husband, her two stepsons, aged 19 and 21, and 3 Siberian cats. This is her 17th year at the Co-op.



Beth 2012aBeth Mahar, Teacher, has a B. Arch. from the Boston Architectural Center. She and her husband Kevin are former Co-op parents and Beth is a past Co-op president. Their son, Philip, is now 28 and attended the Co-op and Sudbury Valley School. Beth is also a part-time architect and an amateur musician. She especially loves to engage in imaginative play with the children.  This is Beth’s 19th year teaching at the Co-op, in addition to the 2 years her son attended.